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Esoteric Seminars and Mediumship Demonstrations


With talents reaching far beyond his mediumistic abilities, Craig Hamilton-Parker gives spell-binding talks that mystify, shape, influence and inspire.

Craig Hamilton-Parker Psychic Medium in IndiaJoin Craig in the real world to listen to his talks and share in his mediumship. The objective of these meetings is to show how to achieve a higher spiritual approach to life.

Included in the interactive talks are the following

  • Guidance through mediumship and spirit contact.
  • Understanding the teachings of the Siddha yogis and Maharishis.
  • Minimizing the negative effects of past life karma.
  • The secret teachings of Indian Mysticism.
  • Spiritual guidance and discussion.
  • Prophecies for the future of humankind.
Secrets of the East

At these events, Craig brings together the secret teachings of Eastern Mysticism and Western Spiritualism. You will encounter things that will challenge your understanding of time and space and will be shown how to influence and change destiny.

Craig will be sharing with you some of the things he has learnt from his time in India. To dedicated students he will give insights into the secret teachings of the Naadi.

Spirit Messages

Psychic on PhoneCraig has been a spiritualist medium from an early age. He will also be making communications with the spirit world to give evidence of survival.

This is far-removed from the traditional spiritualist teachings and includes a very different take on the purpose of life after death.

Not for Profit

Events will initially be in the South of England though the intention is to work internationally. Scheduled events include demonstrations of mediumship, a film and conference, spiritual workshops, Naadi insights and seance circles. Profits go to their charity The Hamilton-Parker Foundation.


Event announcements are on this page and via the mail list below.  Please add yourself to the email list if you are interested in joining.

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