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Craig Hamilton-Parker is a bestselling author with some of his titles selling over 200,000 copies. He is a leading authority on mediumship, dreams and the paranormal. You can get exclusive indie published book via this site as well as his titles from Random House, Barnes & Noble and Hodder & Stoughton. If you enjoy Craig's books please leave a comment on the Amazon websites.

NEW: Messages from the Universe

The Lost Oracle of India Reveals the Secrets of the Future

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In this book I reveal the secrets of the Indian Naadi Oracle that tells me that new spiritual knowledge will be revealed to me by the gods—which I initially interpreted as my mediumship—and from studying the Naadis, learning astrology, and knowledge given directly by meeting living rishis. I share with you my work as a medium and how, together with my wife Jane, we took on the media. Together, we will travel to mystical places, share colorful adventures, meet some extraordinary enlightened people and join our relentless search for universal knowledge.

My task, I am told by the oracle, is to bring the message to the people. The oracle went into extraordinary personal detail about my life and my past before revealing the core messages as to why I am here—the question I had asked Sathya Sai Baba to answer.

What To Do When You Are Dead


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This is my book about the after life and what it is like to live in the next world. It includes examples of proof of life after death through mediumship and compares the beliefs of various religions. It is my personal search for truth and my attempt to sort the myths from the misconceptions about life in the next world. It has recently been republished.

Phantoms on Film


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In this book Craig covers everything from never-before-seen Edwardian séance photographs, unfathomable ghost encounters, and some impossible to explain phenomena. He analyses orbs, strange lights, spirit extras, photos that predict the future, spirit lights and pictures of dead family appearing in images.

Psychic School BookTOP SELLER: Psychic School

How to Become a Psychic Medium

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This is my latest book about working towards the development of mediumistic powers and takes you further than most of my previous psychic development books. I show you how to set up and run a spiritual development circle and give you a number of techniques that you can try on your own or with a group of friends. I take you from first psychic baby steps and right through to how to work with an audience. I've also included some of the stories of my own work and tips about working as a stage medium or on Television.

Ghost Stories

Sightings, Ouija Board Messages and Seances

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A collection of strange but true stories from my newspaper columns. Most of these stories and sightings were followed up by my editors and journalist friends to check for their authenticity. These are not the usual rubbish that's simply been lifted from forums and blogs but real and verified accounts of contacts with ghosts and spirits.

Real Angels

Amazing True Stories

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These short sightings of Angels, paranormal experiences and true supernatural stories contain fascinating insights into the next world told by people who are not psychic or clairvoyant. Perhaps you will recognize your own experiences here?

Book: Psychic ProtectionPsychic Protection

Safe Mediumship

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How to use psychic protection to defend yourself against negative vibrations and spiritually dangerous environments. Also explores the paranormal world and delves into Voodoo, Curses, Demons, Thought Forms, Sick Buildings, Ghosts, Black Magic, Aura protection, Angelic Protection and Earthbound Spirits. Includes many personal casebooks of our work as mediums dealing with unwanted spiritual entities.

Psychic Powers BookYour Psychic Powers

- a beginner's guide

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Another good book for the beginner. This is a fairly slim volume so makes a quick and easy read and gives you a good overview of psychic powers, ESP and how to recognize if you have psychic ability. Includes: Psychic Vibrations, Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Healing, Psychokinesis and precognition (Seeing the future)

CD: Opening to Inner LightOpening To Inner Light

Audio CD

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On Opening To Inner Light I talk you through a meditation that helps you to open and close the chakras and aura and then to bring the attention within and attune you to the spirit world. It was a CD that I originally developed for my own circle and is a powerful method to help you become a medium. I have used special language techniques to make it easier for you to visualize the inner process of spiritual connection.

Dream Handbook for PsychicsThe Dream Handbook

Recall Past Lives and See the Future

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The Dream Handbook shows you how to remember and work with your dreams to create a happier you. Everybody dreams every night and with this rich source of subconscious information you can find the keys to overcoming fears, solving problems, and revealing your hidden motives and desires

The Psychic Encounters

Amazing Psychic Experiences

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This book explores some of the most intriguing cases that Jane and I have encountered through our work as mediums. I tell you about some of our encounters with ghosts, spirits and strange coincidences. There sections about Evil spirits, Angels, Celebrity Spooks, Out Of Body Experiences, Reincarnation and Miracles. The book also describes our encounter with Sai Baba..

Psychic Dream Interpretation

A Medium's Guide

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Psychic Dream Interpretation is primarily about dreams that exhibit Extra Sensory Perception. As well as covering dreams that tell the future and how to spot them, I have explained telepathy dreams, dreams of soul mates, out of body dreams, dreams about the afterlife, remote viewing, healing dreams, psychic attacks, as well as dreams that recall our birth or anticipate our future. I am particularly intrigued by the dreams of the terminally ill that seem to hint at an afterlife to come.

Book Common Dream Meanings - overcome fears and worriesCommon Dreams

and the Power of Positive Fantasy

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In Common Dreams I explain how dreams and fantasy can influence our daily behaviour and how we can sometimes get caught in repeating loops that can trap us. I explain how dreams can act as a mirror to ourselves and can help us to recognize what mistakes we are making and provide us with key to help us escape the prison of our ignorance. Common Dreams shows you how to use fantasy and dreams in a constructive way to help you enjoy life more fully by gaining an insight into your hopes, fears and expectations. Dreams can come true... If you have the courage to pursue them.

Psychics & Mediums Training

DLP Course

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The Distance Learning Project manuals for our online psychic classes and courses are available as support material. They can be obtained from Amazon as a printed book or as the occasional free download to Kindle. The manuals were written for us by the Spiritualist Violet Kipling..

The Psychic HandbookThe Psychic Handbook

(Earlier Editions Titled: The Psychic Workbook)

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Good for beginners and a very popular book that's remained in print for a long time. I take you step-by-step though the process of opening your latent psychic abilities by showing you how to meditate and open the chakras, how to practice reading by psychometry, see the aura and eventually move towards mediumship. Also includes astral travel, Dowsing, Crystals, Tarot, Healing, Levitation, Numerology and Fortune Telling techniques.
(Also available in Chinese)

Book: Tibetan Buddhism in Daily LifeTibetan Buddhism in Daily Life

- a beginner's guide

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A useful book for anyone wanting to get a quick insight into the basics of Tibetan beliefs and to discover ways to apply these to everyday western life. Topics I cover include Learning about ourselves and how to apply Tibetan wisdom to children and family, marriage, home and friends, money, health and the environment.

The Hidden Meaning of DreamsThe Hidden Meaning Of Dreams

BEST SELLER - 200,000 copies sold

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This dream dictionary is a best seller - selling over 200,000 copies worldwide. I written this in a cheerful yet informative style with interpretations from both a psychological and a mystical angle. As well as Freudian and Jungian interpretations of your dreams you can read what superstition has to say and how the mystics would have interpreted your dream prophesies. As well as an extensive dream dictionary I've written an extensive forward that gives you clear understanding of how to understand the uniquely personal meaning of your dreams. (Also available in Russian, Hebrew, Icelandic and Spanish)

DVD: Princess DianaThe Spirit Of Diana DVD


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Hosted by Patrick Macnee THE SPIRIT OF DIANA takes a close look at the spiritual aspects of Princess Diana's life. The program features Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker -mediums. Simone Simmons Psychic healer and one of Princess Diana’s closest friends and confidantes. Include are the full and uncensored séance undertaken by Craig & Jane. You'll either love it - or if you're a sceptic - you'll hate it!! Incidentally, this DVD has caused a lot of controversy but Jane and I did not take a penny for our work on this show and all of our royalties were given to charity.