Psychics at the Theatre Craig & Jane Hamilton-Parker

Come and See Craig and Jane Live!

The Concorde Club (Southampton)
Evening of Clairvoyance with Craig & Jane


23rd April 2020

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An Amazing Evening Ahead!


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Craig and Jane are a husband and wife psychic team. They wow their audiences with highly evidential messages from the spirit world. They are cheerful, intelligent and sincere with their work. Their messages bring hope and comfort and are delivered in a spirit of cheerfulness and compassion.

Linda Dearsley who was the author of the books about Doris Stokes hosts their evenings. Craig and Jane have been compared to Doris Stokes because of their accuracy and warmth but really, there is nobody quite like Craig and Jane. They are not like everyone else – be prepared for an evening of astonishing clairvoyance with detailed messages that give irrefutable proof of life after death.

For Craig and Jane mediumship is a holy office. The profits from their shows support their charitable foundation that helps people in spiritual need and feeds the destitute in India. By supporting their events, you are also helping to take modern spirituality to the next level.  

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