Books by Craig Hamilton-Parker

Craig Hamilton-Parker is a bestselling author with some of his titles selling over 200,000 copies. Many of the titles below are available as illustrated books and are also published in many foreign languages.

Book: Messages from the UniverseMessages from the Universe

The Mind Boggling Indian Oracle Reveals the Secrets of the Future. In Messages from the Universe I open the Naadi oracles that tell me all about my future and the future of the world. I discover mind-boggling secrets that trigger an investigation into the hidden mysteries of India.

In this book I reveal the secrets of the Indian Naadi Oracle that tells me that new spiritual knowledge will be revealed to me by the gods—which I initially interpreted as my mediumship—and from studying the Naadis, learning astrology, and knowledge given directly by meeting living rishis. I share with you my work as a medium and how, together with my wife Jane, we took on the media. Together, we will travel to mystical places, share colorful adventures, meet some extraordinary enlightened people and join our relentless search for universal knowledge.

My task, I am told by the oracle, is to bring the message to the people. The oracle went into extraordinary personal detail about my life and my past before revealing the core messages as to why I am here—the question I had asked Sathya Sai Baba to answer.

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Mystic Journey to India

Mystic Journey to India

The incredible story of the magic remedies and meeting the Sidha yogis. Now an International TV Series. This is the sequel to Messages from the Universe in which Craig visits India and meets remarkable holy men who tell him about his future and the future of the world.

This is the true account of how psychic medium Craig Hamilton-Parker stumbles upon a 5,000 year old Indian oracle that has his name written on it. When translated, it reveals the story of his life with 100% accuracy and proclaims what will happen in the future - even giving the exact time he will die. The oracle tells him that to turn the tide of providence, Craig must visit a frightening holy man who sleeps in a fire, perform strange rituals and change people’s lives through charitable acts. Craig is just a normal western guy with a loving family at home but is told to go on an astonishing spiritual adventure that will shake his soul and leave him a changed man.

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God is Everywhere Sharavana BabaBE HAPPY: Encounters with Sadhguru Sri Sharavana Baba

When psychic mediums Craig & Jane Hamilton-Parker received a frightening message from the Agastya Naadi Sastra, it set them on an adventure to find a holy man who could help them change the course of destiny. The Naadi is an Indian oracle written thousands of years ago that reveals the fate of anyone who finds it. Through his contacts in India, Craig found a genuine Naadi that has the power to foresee future events with 100% accuracy. In part two, Craig meets Sharavana in India and interviews him about the secrets of joy and how we can maintain happiness in these troubled times. The book includes the Naadi of Donald Trump and prophecies for the future of the world. This book is an easy to read adventure that will introduce you to the profound knowledge of hidden India.

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Book: What to do when you are deadWhat To Do When You Are Dead

This is my book about the afterlife and what it is like to live in the next world. It includes examples of proof of life after death through mediumship and compares the beliefs of various religions.

Hailed as a landmark book by The Psychic News and leading Spiritualists What to Do When You Are Dead will help you to understand the process of dying and rebirth into the next life. The author is an internationally renowned medium and best selling author. He has used his extensive knowledge and direct mediumistic experiences to clearly describe what life is like after death. Craig Hamilton-Parker has also tackled controversial topics such as sex in the afterlife, reincarnation, the shortcomings of spiritualism, judgment day and the misconceptions of religious belief. The book throws out the myths and endeavors to find the common beliefs - and more importantly proofs - of what lies beyond physical death.

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Psychic School BookPsychic School

This is my latest book about working towards the development of mediumistic powers and takes you further than most of my previous psychic development books.

Filmed over a year in a three part documentary for the BBC Everyman program Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker’s psychic development students were taught from novices to become mediums who can work in a theater. ‘Psychic School – How to become a Psychic Medium’ expands on the lessons seen in the programs with additional teachings from Craig’s thirty years of mediumship. It takes you step-by-step from developing basic psychic powers to becoming a professional medium. The book will show you how to recognize your latent abilities and develop your psychic and mediumistic skills. 

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Book: Psychic ProtectionPsychic Protection

How to use psychic protection to defend yourself against negative vibrations and spiritually dangerous environments. Also explores Voodoo, Curses, Demons, Thought Forms, Sick Buildings, Ghosts, Black Magic, Aura protection, Angelic Protection and Earthbound Spirits.

If you are a psychic medium or someone who is very sensitive to spiritual vibrations, you may be influenced by the positive or negative energies that surround you. In Psychic Protection Craig draws on his 40 years as a Spiritualist medium to show you how to comfortably live in a world of negative energies and thought fields. Through examples from his and Jane’s files, he explains how to combat negative influences, work safely with ghosts, poltergeists and spirits and how to protect your spiritual journey.

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Your Secret dream meanings bookYour Secret Dream Meanings

Your Secret Dream Meanings is a compendium of Craig's best selling dream books. It is a massive book with thousands of A-Z dream meanings explained in great detail. You will learn how to remember your dreams and interpret and decode the most puzzling of dreams. Learn how to recognise a psychic dream and know its mystical meanings. This vast resource makes an exciting book that will open you to the powers of the unconscious mind.  It is easy to read and is entertaining, occasionally funny and informative.
You are shown how to trigger a lucid dream, move outside of the body and how to meet people in your dreams. There are substantial sections about remembering your past lives with dreams and using dreams to discover and enhance your hidden psychic powers. This book can read cover to cover or dip into to open your mind to many new possibilities.

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Book: Psychic EncountersPsychic Encounters

This book explores some of the most intriguing cases that Jane and I have encountered through our work as mediums. I tell you about some of our encounters with ghosts, spirits and strange coincidences.

Craig and Jane take the reader on a miraculous journey through their paranormal world and encounter strange stories about ghosts, Ouija boards, haunted houses and proof of life after death.

Psychic Encounters explores the world of telepathy, coincidences, ghosts and poltergeists as well as providing comforting proof of life after death. Included is the story of how Edgar Allan Poe made a horrific prediction about the future and concludes with the couple visiting India to see their guru Sathya Sai Baba – the Indian man of miracles.

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Book: Phantoms on FilmPhantoms on Film

In this book I cover everything from never-before-seen Edwardian séance photographs, unfathomable ghost encounters, and some impossible to explain phenomena.

Phantoms on Film is an intriguing collection of real ghost photographs and paranormal phenomena captured on camera. Bestselling author Craig Hamilton-Parker is an internationally recognized medium with TV shows on the BBC and programs around the world. With 40 years experiences as a medium communicating with the dead and an expert on photography and image analysis Craig uses his skills to sort the phantoms from the fakes. 

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Book: Intuitive KnowledgeIntuitive Knowledge

Using easy-to-understand techniques I walk you through the first steps to becoming a psychic. The subconscious mind naturally sees images in clouds and random images and this normal response can be harnessed to unlock your latent powers of clairvoyance.

Using easy-to-understand techniques, television medium Craig Hamilton-Parker walks you through the first steps to becoming a psychic. The subconscious mind naturally sees images in clouds and random images and this normal response can be harnessed to unlock your latent powers of clairvoyance. These are simple techniques, that anyone can try, bringing an immediate awareness of the hidden powers of the intuition and the keys to unlock your psychic potential. 

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Book: Ghost StoriesGhost Stories

A collection of strange but true stories from my newspaper columns. Most of these stories and sightings were followed up by my editors and journalist friends to check for their authenticity.

Celebrated medium and newspaper columnist Craig Hamilton -Parker shares some of the best ghost stories witnessed on his TV shows and sent to his international newspaper columns. These are true stories, investigated and scrutinized by journalists, that leave even the most skeptical reader perplexed.

With real ghost sightings from England, Ireland Scotland, Australia, South Africa and America this is an extraordinary collection of frightening and puzzling paranormal experiences.

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Book: Real AngelsReal Angels

These short sightings of Angels, paranormal experiences and true supernatural stories contain fascinating insights into the next world told by people who are not psychic or clairvoyant.

Columnist and television medium Craig Hamilton-Parker shares  your stories from his paranormal columns. Included are messages from angels, spirit children, glimpses of Heaven, accounts of near-death-experiences, reincarnation memories, prophecies, time-slips, paranormal powers and unexplainable spiritual encounters.

These short and easy-to-read accounts, experiences and true stories contain many fascinating insights into the next world from ordinary people who make no claim to having psychic powers. 

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Psychic Powers BookYour Psychic Powers

Another good book for the beginner. This is a fairly slim volume so makes a quick and easy read and gives you a good overview of psychic powers, ESP and how to recognize if you have psychic ability.

Commonly reported psychic experiences include precognitive dreams, out-of-body travel or even visits from the dead. The human brain is divided between a subconscious, intuitive mind and a reasonable, rational mind. When the two interlink, latent psychic powers are triggered and the individual can take the first steps toward spiritual discovery.

If you have ever wondered whether you are psychic, this book will help you find out by encouraging you to look more deeply within yourself. You may have already experienced psychic phenomena, or perhaps you would like to ‘tune in’ to this other world that doesn’t quite belong to usual, everyday perception. Your Psychic Powers – a beginner’s guide is the ideal stepping stone towards a more complete and aware you.

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Online Training ManualPsychics & Mediums Training

The Distance Learning Project manuals for our Online psychic classes and courses are available as support material. Written by Vi Kipling with an introduction by Craig Hamilton-Parker this is a step-by-step guide to Spiritualism and mediumship.

The Psychics & Mediums Network Training Manual is support material for our Online psychic school. The book includes all aspects of spiritual development including mental mediumship, clairvoyance, physical mediumship, the history of spirit communication, meditation, awareness, spiritual healing, the philosophy of spiritualism, spirit teachings in other religions and how to read on the Internet.

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The Psychic HandbookThe Psychic Handbook

Good for beginners and a very popular book that's remained in print for a long time. This book is great for anyone first staring out on the adventure of psychic development with lots of easy to understand exercises to try.

The Psychic Handbook provides a fun, entertaining way to develop your psychic power. Craig Hamilton-Parker takes you step-by-step through skills such as mediumship, prophesy, psychometry, dream analysis, dowsing, numerology and clairvoyance. He also shows how you can learn to meditate in order to liberate the intuition that is the basis of all psychic ability, and find out about crystals and how they can have a beneficial effect on your life.

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Book: Tibetan Buddhism in Daily LifeTibetan Buddhism in Daily Life

A useful book for anyone wanting to get a quick insight into the basics of Tibetan beliefs and to discover ways to apply these to everyday western life. Craig shows how the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism can be easily applied to daily life.

Tibetan Buddhism in Daily Life is a short introduction to the religion, magical practices and philosophy of Tibet. The book shows how to apply Buddhist teachings to everyday life: our relationships and sexuality; our family; home; work; health and spirituality. Tibetan Buddhism in Daily Life is suitable for the beginner and explores the story of the enlightenment of the Buddha and how his teachings spread to Tibet and formed a symbiosis with the indigenous, magical religion of Bön. 

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