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Craig Hamilton-Parker is a bestselling author with some of his titles selling over 200,000 copies. Enjoy books and videos about spirituality, dreams and psychic development
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Mystic Journey to IndiaNEW: Mystic Journey to India

The incredible story of the magic remedies and meeting the Sidha yogis. Now an International TV Series

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This is the sequel to Messages from the Universe in which Craig visits India and meets remarkable holy men who tell him about his future and the future of the world.


Book: Messages from the UniverseMessages from the Universe

The Mind Boggling Indian Oracle Reveals the Secrets of the Future

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In Messages from the Universe I open the Naadi oracles that tell me all about my future and the future of the world. I discover mind-boggling secrets that trigger an investigation into the hidden mysteries of India.

God is Everywhere Sharavana BabaNEW: God is Everywhere
Encounters with Sharavana Baba

Psychics meet the Holyman

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The story of how Craig and Jane follow the Naadi Oracle to seek out a holy man who can counter of Type 1 Diabetes. An incredible and funny story of hope and enlightenment.

Book: What to do when you are deadWhat To Do When You Are Dead


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This is my book about the afterlife and what it is like to live in the next world. It includes examples of proof of life after death through mediumship and compares the beliefs of various religions.

Book: Phantoms on FilmPhantoms on Film


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In this book I cover everything from never-before-seen Edwardian séance photographs, unfathomable ghost encounters, and some impossible to explain phenomena.

Psychic School BookTOP SELLER: Psychic School

How to Become a Psychic Medium

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This is my latest book about working towards the development of mediumistic powers and takes you further than most of my previous psychic development books.

Book: Intuitive KnowledgeIntuitive Knowledge

How to Be a Psychic Using Visionary Clairvoyance

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Using easy-to-understand techniques I walk you through the first steps to becoming a psychic. The subconscious mind naturally sees images in clouds and random images and this normal response can be harnessed to unlock your latent powers of clairvoyance.

Book: Ghost StoriesGhost Stories

Sightings, Ouija Board Messages and Séances

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A collection of strange but true stories from my newspaper columns. Most of these stories and sightings were followed up by my editors and journalist friends to check for their authenticity.

Book: Real AngelsReal Angels

Amazing True Stories

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These short sightings of Angels, paranormal experiences and true supernatural stories contain fascinating insights into the next world told by people who are not psychic or clairvoyant.

Book: Psychic ProtectionPsychic Protection

Safe Mediumship

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How to use psychic protection to defend yourself against negative vibrations and spiritually dangerous environments. Also explores Voodoo, Curses, Demons, Thought Forms, Sick Buildings, Ghosts, Black Magic, Aura protection, Angelic Protection and Earthbound Spirits.

Psychic Powers BookYour Psychic Powers

- a beginner's guide

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Another good book for the beginner. This is a fairly slim volume so makes a quick and easy read and gives you a good overview of psychic powers, ESP and how to recognize if you have psychic ability.

CD: Opening to Inner LightOpening To Inner Light

Audio CD (Sorry, Out of Stock)


On Opening To Inner Light I talk you through a meditation that helps you to open and close the chakras and aura and then to bring the attention within and attune you to the spirit world.

Lucid Dreaming & Dream Recall

Part 1 Dream Book Trilogy

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The Dream Handbook shows you how to remember and work with your dreams to create a happier you. Everybody dreams every night and with this rich source of subconscious information you can find the keys to overcoming fears.

Book: Psychic EncountersPsychic Encounters

Amazing Psychic Experiences

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This book explores some of the most intriguing cases that Jane and I have encountered through our work as mediums. I tell you about some of our encounters with ghosts, spirits and strange coincidences.

Dream Book InterpretationMystical Dream Interpretation

Part 3 Dream Book Trilogy

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Mystic Dream Interpretation explores dreams that have psychic content. Topics covered include Extra Sensory Perception in dreams, dreams that tell the future, telepathy dreams, shared dreams, dreams about your soul mate, out of body dreams and dreams about the dead.

Book: Dreams and FantasiesThe Meanings of Dreams & Fantasies

Part 2 Dream Book Trilogy

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In The Meaning of Dreams and Fantasies I explain how dreams and fantasy can influence our daily behavior and how we can sometimes get caught in repeating loops that can trap us. Learn how to use unconscious fantasy to influence your behavior and sense of wellbeing.

Online Training ManualPsychics & Mediums Training

DLP Course

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The Distance Learning Project manuals for our online psychic classes and courses are available as support material. Written by Vi Kipling with an introduction by Craig Hamilton-Parker this is a step-by-step guide to Spiritualism and mediumship.

The Psychic HandbookThe Psychic Handbook

(Earlier Editions Titled: The Psychic Workbook)

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Good for beginners and a very popular book that's remained in print for a long time. This book is great for anyone first staring out on the adventure of psychic development with lots of easy to understand exercises to try.

Book: Tibetan Buddhism in Daily LifeTibetan Buddhism in Daily Life

- a beginner's guide

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A useful book for anyone wanting to get a quick insight into the basics of Tibetan beliefs and to discover ways to apply these to everyday western life. Craig shows how the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism can be easily applied to daily life.

The Hidden Meaning of DreamsThe Hidden Meaning Of Dreams

BEST SELLER - 200,000 copies sold

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This dream dictionary is a best seller - selling over 200,000 copies worldwide. I wrote this in a cheerful yet informative style with interpretations from both a psychological and a mystical angle. It's both fun and informative.

DVD: Princess DianaThe Spirit Of Diana DVD



Hosted by Patrick Macnee THE SPIRIT OF DIANA takes a close look at the spiritual aspects of Princess Diana's life. The program features Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker -mediums.

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